With two facilities in Puget Sound, ICON Materials is one of the largest suppliers of Asphalt Products in the Northwest. Our expert Paving Division provides various mixes to cater to your specific needs, big or small. We also incorporate Warm Mix technology and Recycled Asphalt into many of our mixes to make them more eco-friendly.

Both of our facilities have earned the National Asphalt Pavement Association Diamond Achievement Award for Excellence in Asphalt production.

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ICON Materials

2021 Outstanding Leadership in Asphalt Operations Award

For overall safety performance, environmental stewardship, material quality, energy efficiency, recycle materials use and binder replacement, cost control, production, and site appearance

Roy Street to N. 145th St. Paving & ADA Compliance

2020 NAPA

Quality in Construction Award.

Roy Street to N. 145th St. Paving & ADA Compliance

WAPA/ Washington 2020 State Department of Transportation

Certificate of Merit in Recognition of High-Quality Asphalt Pavement Construction - West