Terminal 46 Pavement Rehabilitation

Project Type




Owner: Port of Seattle
Start Date: July 2020
Completion Date: September 2020
Materials Used on Project and Quantities: 112,600 SY of Planning Bituminous Pavement and 17,400 Tons of HMA.


The Port of Seattle’s Pavement Rehabilitation Project at the Terminal 46 container facility included full depth and partial depth (mill and overlay) pavement repair and rehabilitation of approximately 18-acres of pavement on the south half of the container terminal due to distress in the existing pavement. The work comprised of the repair and replacement of container yard pavement, including localized full depth mill and asphalt placement on the wharf, 2.5-inch mill and overlay behind the existing pier bulkhead, mill, and overlay at isolated areas in the upland area of the terminal and isolated 10’x10′ pothole repairs. Additionally, the job included repair associated with subsidence of the existing pavement behind the wharf bulkhead, involving the filling voids beneath the concrete transition slab with high-density polyurethane foam (HDPF) applied through drilled injection holes. This also involved monitoring the transition slab elevation during foam injection operations to fill void spaces completely with HDPF with negligible lifting.